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  • Caravan mattress underlay: place AERO-MESH Anti Condensation Mat between mattress and bed base creating an air space between the two, preventing dampness and mould by means of evaporation via all open edges.
  • Seats: Easily cut AERO-MESH Anti Condensation Mat with scissors to fit any size or shape seats. For recummbent bikes, boats, cars, planes, canoes, child car seats to prevent sweaty backs
  • Laundry: Place AERO-MESH Anti Condensation Mat on flat surface, place wet jumper on AERO-MESH, jumper will be able to dry on both sides.
  • Kitchen: Place AERO-MESH Anti Condasation Mat on kitchen sink, place wet dishes on AERO-MESH, dishes will easily drip dry, then roll up AERO-MESH and store for next use.
  • Wheel Chair: Cut AERO-MESH to size and shape of wheel chair back and bottom. AERO-MESH will allow air circulation between body and chair keeping patients dry and cool
  • Lockers: Use in lockers where wet shoes, rope, etc is stored, to keep off bottom of locker, allowing item’s to dry faster
  • Cushion: Place AERO-MESH Anti Condasation Mat under caravan & boat cushions to prevent moisture

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